10 Effective Marketing Strategies

10 Effective Marketing Strategies
The concept of marketing is one of the most important things in running a business. Both new business opportunities and businesses that have long pioneered, both small businesses and businesses that have grown though.
All of them require the concept of marketing to develop the business run. Talking about the concept of marketing, then we are actually talking about how the marketing strategy of the products we sell.
It is precisely what many small businesses are facing today. Planning the right marketing strategy to attract consumers to small businesses is still very difficult. One of the ways that can be used to develop small business of course with focus on marketing strategy.
With limited marketing budgets owned by small businesses, it does not mean making small businesses lost to large-scale business. For that we have to be more creative with a minimal budget cost to produce the right marketing strategy. Here are some ways to optimize your marketing with a limited budget:
Work with your employer or associate for advertising. Trying to send product offerings to customers as well as providing rebates for specific purchase packages.
Introduce your products and efforts through free media, this will help consumers search for the products you offer. For example, publications via the internet. Engage the environment around your business, in one of the activities that your business carries out. This can be used as one way of free publication to the surrounding community.

In addition, several things that must be considered in preparing a marketing strategy for small businesses are as follows:
1. Consistency
Given the consistency of all its marketing areas, it can help reduce marketing costs and increase the effectiveness of brand creation.
2. Marketing concept planning that will run a small business greatly affect the number of customers obtained. Therefore take the time to plan marketing strategies, marketing budgets, and other concepts related to marketing.
3. Strategy
Strategy is the basis for the continuation of planned marketing activities, such as who the target market, how small businesses target customers, and how to keep existing customers as regular customers.
4. Target Market
Define precisely the intended market share, by choosing one or more of the market segments to be entered. A clear target market will make the marketing concept easier to implement.
5. Calculating a marketing budget is a heavy part and requires accurate results. From the budget made, it can be siphoned funds that will be needed for marketing. Usually small businesses create a budget with not too accurate, resulting in wastage.
6. Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is ​​usually described as a product, price, place, and promotion. As a small entrepreneur, it is necessary to decide on the specific product (or service), the appropriate price, where and how you will distribute your product, and how others can find out about the product being offered.
7. Website
Currently any business including small businesses try to have a website, because nearly 60% of consumers come from information from the internet. So the product information through the website also greatly supports the increase in the number of customers who are interested in your product.
8. Branding
Branding is how consumers receive products and companies that make these products. Sometimes small businesses always forget the needs of the brand or the introduction of images, logos, even products that small businesses produce.
9. Promotion and advertising
Promotion and advertising is a marketing concept that should be considered in various businesses and products, including small businesses. Promotion and good advertising will result in effective brand recognition to increase sales.
Customer Relationship Management
Proper customer relationship management becomes one of the important things to create loyal and consistent consumers. For example, by creating a membership card, and give certain discounts for the members.

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